Time will prove us right

A plywood panel that defies nature, designed so that your projects will last longer for less

A plywood panel with a small carbon footprint and CE2+, FSC© and PEFC certifications

A 100% sustainable plywood which comes from wood from fast growing European plantations

A plywood panel that lasts longer and performs better than okoume, birch or treated timber wood panels


Our innovative treatment imbues panels from our Durable range with an exceptional resistance in outdoor uses, giving them durability characteristics that equate to class 3 of UNE-335 standards.


The quality of the finishes, lightness, ease of machining and dimensional stability make Duraply a versatile range which is ideal for all kind of construction, furniture and decoration projects.


We use wood from fast growing European plantations which are PEFC and FSC© certified and managed by our forestry team, thus guaranteeing the sustainability of the entire process.


Garnica has 75 years' experience in innovation in the world of wood and Duraply is its response to the growing demand for forest products that are lasting, resistant, efficient and sustainable, for projects that are outdoors or in humid environments.


We control the entire process starting with plantation and forest management, including logging and transformation, thus guaranteeing constant quality in our panels, all of which keep their properties even after sanding or machining.

Dashicon Award


We are so sure of the quality of our products that we offer a 15 year guarantee against delamination and fungal and xylophague insect attack.

Resistance that challenges nature


Do you want to know why Duraply is the solution which best adapts to your needs?

Duraply is a plywood panel modified using an innovative treatment which provides exceptional durability and makes it immune to the attacks of fungi and insects, even outdoors and in the most demanding climatic conditions.

Duraply is Garnica's solution to the growing demand for plantation products and the subsequent impact on the planet's tropical forests.

A range of plywood products from sustainable European plantations, especially designed to support the most adverse climatic conditions in outdoor areas. Its results in the most demanding tests are comparable and even superior to those of woods such as okoume.

Its lightness, quality of finish and ease of machining, in addition to its sustainability and cost-effectiveness, make the Durable range the perfect choice for a wide variety of solutions in the outdoors and in humid environments: from façades and other construction applications to furniture and nautical use.

Our projects

Duraply Bench in London

The “Double Bench” is one of ten new benches to be found in the city of London for its 2018 Festival of Architecture. The bench has been made using plywood from Garnica’s Durable range. Designed by Mills Turner ...
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Multi-position bench in Puerto Rico

This multi-functional bench made from Garnica's White Oak Duraply plywood was designed by Darién Delgado in collaboration with Maderas 3C and Garnica in Puerto Rico. Thanks to its multi-position system, the bench has various uses and can accommodate ...
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Boat and industrial warehouse in Galicia

The construction of a small boat and a warehouse in Galicia was brought about by Klimark, a group of specialists who are linked with the worlds of construction and engineering and who seek to provide high performance architecture. ...
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Wood cabins on the Moraira Promenade

At the beginning of 2016, Jaime Ausina Ferrer, the Garnica dealer in the Valencian Community, started a project to install wood cabins on the beach front promenade in Moraira in Alicante. This project was an important development for ...
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Valdelinares Ski Station

This project started in November 2014 and it consisted of the construction of the two buildings which form the Valdelinares Ski Station: a control module and a ski lift station. It is the most southern station in Aragon ...
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Floating houses from Rivage

After a few months of close collaboration with the promoters of Rivage Constructions Flottantes, the Garnica technical department and the architect Ugutz Arrizabalaga defined a set of unique projects which are integrated into a holiday rental area in ...
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The “Wood and Sea” Tourist Apartments

In September 2015, a project began to build a group of tourist apartments located in the village of Isla (Cantabria, Spain). This ambitious venture consisted of the construction of tourist apartments which would unite the sea, the mountains, ...
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Playero, the fashionable surf brand in Puerto Rico

This project for the decoration of a Playero brand shop was carried out by Maderas 3C, a Garnica dealer in Puerto Rico. Duraply plywood with decorative finishes was used for the construction as it is especially suited to ...
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The Picado de Blas centipede

We discovered this curious project in the 2003 Concéntrico Festival. As versatile as it is original, it was created by the Picado de Blas architectural studio using Garnica plywood. The Centipede is a large, 100 metre long work ...
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The Boa Mistura Lyrical Labyrinths

Boa Mistura is an urban art collective which develops projects throughout the world. This time, it presented us with the "Lyrical Labyrinths" project, which consisted of wooden prisms formed of Duraply plywood panels. These prisms form a new, ...
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