Projects in restaurants, offices, establishments and shops in adverse climates.

The Duraply plywood with decorative finishes range is the perfect solution for your furniture projects that are located in geographical areas with a humid atmosphere.

These plywood panels combine an attractive aesthetic, durability and excellent physical properties for the building of furniture.

We modify our plywood panels using an innovative treatment which provides exceptional durability and makes them immune to the attacks of fungi and insects, even in the most demanding climatic conditions.

In addition to the beauty and quality of its finishes, this range has other advantages that are highly appreciated in this industry, including lightness, ease of machining and dimensional stability. All of this is on top of an exceptional performance when it is film-coated or laminated, thanks to the premium quality interior and exterior layers and the meticulous work on the panel’s finish.

True to our commitment to the environment, we use European, fast growing plantations to guarantee maximum sustainability in our products.