Multi-position bench in Puerto Rico

Multi-position bench made from Duraply White Oak plywood panels.

This multi-functional bench made from Garnica’s White Oak Duraply plywood was designed by Darién Delgado in collaboration with Maderas 3C and Garnica in Puerto Rico.

Thanks to its multi-position system, the bench has various uses and can accommodate various people in different positions by adding arm rests or a back support or it can simply be left as a flat structure.

The material used was a Duraply plywood of high quality and durability and a beautiful white oak finish, making it the perfect solution for decoration projects in geographical areas with a humid atmosphere, such as Puerto Rico.

The Duraply plywood went through an innovative treatment which gave it an exceptional durability and a resistance to attack from fungi and insects. In addition to its beautiful finish and surface quality, this wood has excellent physical properties for the building of furniture.



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