The Picado de Blas centipede

50 pieces of Duraply plywood form a giant "centipede."

We discovered this curious project in the 2003 Concéntrico Festival. As versatile as it is original, it was created by the Picado de Blas architectural studio using Garnica plywood.

The Centipede is a large, 100 metre long work composed of articulated parts: 50 pieces of plywood and 100 legs. A simple assembly method means that the pieces rest one on top of another to produce the overall result.

Even though the system does not affect the visual aspect of the urban landscape to excess, it is actively involved with the daily movements of people crossing Plaza de San Bartolomé. The smooth, sinuous and horizontal line at table height meanders through the area. It speaks of the limits of the plaza, distorted by the presence of the ephemeral form. It will be a place that can be used spontaneously. The observer understands the plaza as an area in which something will happen or has happened; a street market, a group tasting, a furtive meal – anything that can happen on a table is possible.

Garnica’s Duraply plywood was the ideal solution for this open air project, providing durability and resistance in the face of inclement weather.



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