Ultra-durable plywood panel finished with MDO

Exceptional durability
Dimensional stability
Wood from sustainable plantations
Perfect for outdoor use
Ideal for construction

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Resistance that challenges nature

Ultra-durable panel for outdoor use in the most demanding conditions, composed of sustainable plantation wood. Faces coated with MDO, which in addition to maximising time and money saved, provides surface hardness and greater durability for painting.

Plywood modified using an innovative treatment renders the entire panel exceptionally durable. Immune to fungal and insect attack, even when used outdoors and in the most demanding of weather conditions.

Its CE2 + structural certificate, lightness, surface quality and ease of machining makes it perfect for facades and other construction applications.

Maximum sustainability due to its composition using fast-growing wood sourced from European plantations.

  • Glue Type: Class III (exterior) according to the rule EN 636
  • Emission: Class E1 according to the rule EN 13986
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Wood is a natural material and as such is unique in appearance & so often has naturally occurring variations in colour, texture and grain pattern. The photographic reproductions used simply provide an example of a product’s appearance & may not be representative of the full range of colour, texture and grain variations. The data provided in this product specification should be used solely as a guide & is of no contractual value. It is the responsibility of the acquirer to determine if the product is suitable for the required application, to ensure that both the place & form of use are appropriate & in accordance with the manufacturer's requirements & recommendations & is in line with current regulations. Edges must be carefully sealed in order to ensure proper seal of the panels when used for exterior applications.